Why a blog?

Just two kids in their 20’s trying to get rid of the norm and get out and explore the world. We are currently outfitting our 36 foot sailboat for extensive cruising. We are hoping to peel the Velcro from the dock in a year or so..

Crossing Grand Bahama Bank

I am blogging for a few different reasons.

1. I have a terrible memory (grew up in New Orleans and probably went to a few to many music festivals) so I would like to have something to look back on years from now and laugh about all the wild times in our life.

2. In order to stay in touch with distant friends and family for obvious reasons; yeah mom I’m ok and yes I know you still think I’m nuts!

3. I really enjoy and get a lot of great inspiration and knowledge from other blogs. I would like to share some of the things I have learned along the way with all of you.

4. So that my nephews can follow along on their uncles wild journeys through life (sorry Greg&Noelle) and also in case one day I have my own children they will have something to go back and read about my life growing up, and well why of course so they can have something to blackmail me with when they get older. “Dad you did it when you were my age!” haha

Till next time…



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