Hurricane Irene

It’s that time of year and the named storms are starting to stack up out in the Atlantic. Hurricane Irene is one in particular that we have our eye on.  She is currently pounding the hell out of Puerto Rico and making slow movement WNW @ 12 mph.  Current predictions are showing that she should push out East back into the Atlantic some and ride the gulfstream North up towards the Carolinas. 

Living in the Northeast part of Florida tends to make things somewhat exciting.  All the preparations that need to go into the boat for a storm of this magnitude tend to get overwhelming.  Bimini, Dodger, Sails, Mackpac, and all other loose deck objects need to be taken down and stowed below.  Docklines need to all be doubled and extra bumpers need to be placed. 

Our current location has us docked at a marina with floating docks.  I have been through a number of named storms at this marina, but for the most part all have been depressions by the time they reached us.  These tropical storms that have passed have brought the dock within 10 inches of floating over the tops of the pilings!  Needless to say if this storm hits as projected with a Category 3 I would lean towards guessing our boat could be found somewhere far West of US1.

Lets get to the better part of hurricanes along the East coast.  If they stay well offshore they through a huge swell towards the coastline.  This means EXCELLENT surfing!  Hopefully Irene will stay well offshore and an upcoming post won’t be about the boat, but instead about the excellent waves I have been surfing.  Ahh the double edged sword.  I’ll keep you posted..

Over and out..



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