Hurricane Irene, Day 2: Surf Report

After barely rolling myself out of bed at 11 a.m. due to slight late night complications I managed to make it to the showers for a quick rinse and wakeup..  Woke up Adrian and within 15 minutes we had the V dub loaded up and headed out to 10th street for some good midday fun.  Wave height was roughly 6-7 ft, head high.  All the surface conditions were impeccable, and it was absolutely gorgeous outside.  Paddled out and sat in what I like to call the parking lot.  Shoulder to shoulder people for as far as the eye could see down the beach.  Paddled into numerous waves with anywhere from 5-20 people on the drop in, haha, good times I know!  I was able to put up with this for a couple of hours then it was time for some lunch and my little secret spot.  Grabbed some Stir It Up for lunch, jumped back in the Vdub, and drove South to the cliffs…  Pulled into my parking spot next to 8 other cars and took in the sight of the day.  Head high clean surf with long lines..  It gets better, there were only 5 other people out for as far down the beach as we could see..  Score!!!!

Met up with M.E. later this evening for date night.  We went to see Lost Atlas premiere at the St Augustine Amphitheater.   Free showing, live bands, and tons of beach bums.  Pretty good surf video with some great aerials and night shots.  Got back to the boat around 10:15 and it was lights out time. 


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