Jekyll Island

We started out another great weekend by getting up early and heading out to Jekyll Island for a weekend of camping and adventure.  Early a.m. we hit up the bike shop for a new tube on M.E.’s bike and then headed North on 95 for a couple of hrs.  I was able to get us a primitive site at Jekyll Island Campground and we both looked forward to getting there.  We arrived, checked in, and headed out into the wilderness in search of our primitive camping spot.  Primitive it was, right along a 40 ft. motor home and roughly seven other tents, ok not so primitive after all I guess.

Primitive, OK!!
We set up a quick camp, threw some brats on the grill for lunch, had a few cold Presidentes and prepared ourselves for the bike ride ahead.  We were in search of a slightly more back country style spot to crash for the night.  We biked 13 miles around the island and had the chance to see some great sites.  An old museum (free) so I loved this place, passed by a sea turtle research center, and checked out a couple of local bars and old historic buildings along the way.  Headed back to Driftwood Beach for a walk around and got to ride a few back country trails that were great.  This is where things get interesting!  M.E. got into a fight with a cactus along the trail and got a nice patch of it in her foot and then proceeded to get it out of her foot and stuck in her hand.  At this point in time she was ready to begin heading back to camp.  First business was to get her a new bike seat in town.  Got all this taken care of and now we once again have a happy camper.
Driftwood Beach

Lit up the fire pit for some grub bbq chicken, baked potatoes, and our favorite corn on the cob.  Slammed down a few more beers and headed back out for a 3 mile bike to the nearest bar, Latitude 31 Rah Bar, at the old wharf.  The Rah Bar ended up being a complete shit show, which I love when things turn in this direction!   We crashed with 3 different wedding parties, listened to a good jam band, and pounded Guiness till I’m not quite sure when.  Oh right, When the bartender told me it was closing time.  No problem, quick game of Jenga, a few more shots and slam a New Castle and Guiness (on the house) and its time to get moving again.

Raw Bar

Onto the bikes we go and began pedaling down the historic district trail.  Oh what do we have here! Another bar that is open!  We head into a pool bar at the Jekyll Island Club, and I believe we made the music stop.  I didn’t realize this place was so nice, but I guess board shorts and a tshirt weren’t the norm here..  Pounded a Heineken and back out on the road we go.   We made it home with very little entertainment.  Just one minor bike crash.
Passed out


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