St. Simons Island

Ahh the joys of the day after.  I roll over after a great night of sleep, look at M.E. and ask the famous question.  How big of a fool did I make myself look like last night?  Her reply, “You didn’t do anything too extreme besides a busted open knee and tumbling face first into the lawn on the waterfront.  Score one point for me this morning!  Now on to more important things, FOOD.  Fried and lots of it.  Ole Times Country Buffet has southern home cooking, fried, and all you can eat.  Score my second point of the day with M.E.  With full bellies we decided it was time to find a nap spot for the afternoon.  St. Simons Island was the destination of choice and Fort Frederica is where we ended up.  Under canopy oaks, a view of the fort and Intracoastal Waterway the afternoon couldn’t have been spent any better.

M.E. spent her day walking around the National Park collecting pecans, taking photos, and exploring the old ruins.  I on the other hand spent a few hours sleeping peacefully under a huge canopy oak and enjoyed a wonderful Fall breeze.  We packed it up at closing time and headed into town to look around old downtown and check out the lighthouse.

Time to get headed back South.  We wanted to stop at a marina real quick to take a look around and ran across a great restaurant.  Coastal Kitchen, located at the Morningstar Marina near the entrance to the island.

Fried Green Tomatoes
Crab Cake and Grits

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