We crashed after getting in late last night at this amazing dock house on Tybee Island.  An early start this morning and we were off and running, literally.   We headed downtown and hit up the river front for a few hours and meandered throughout the city checking out small shops, museums, and parks while waiting for my cousin to crawl out of bed and meet us for lunch.

Just our luck it turned out to be the grand opening of SCAD Museum of Art.
An absolute incredible place with some amazing pieces of work and an Ipad roughly 4×8 feet large.

We then met up with my cousin for lunch at Vinnie Van Go Gos, this pizza is a must stop while in Savannah.  Had an awesome lunch and headed out to check out the sites with my cousin and headed on over to Forsyth Park for an afternoon of relaxing in the grass.

It amazes me how some cities have it together and others just can’t get it together.  Forsyth Park had people all over the place shooting photography, playing frisbee, soccer, drawing and painting, and just hanging out and enjoying the afternoon.  I’m not quite sure where St Augustine falls here, but Forsyth Park had roughly 100+ people enjoying the afternoon sunshine whereas the fort in downtown St. Augustine would be lucky to draw 20 people on the nicest of days.
Throughout the day I could hear cars racing in the distance, but no one seemed to know what was going on or where it was going on.  Leave it to M.E. and I to dig around and find out.  We took the ferry over to Hutchinsons Island and stumbled across a back gate to an incredible event.  There was a full blown indy street track which opens only a couple of times a year to racing events.

It was incredible standing 10 feet of the track with no guard rails watching indy cars, exotics, motorcycles, and full blown nascar coming past at 200+ mph.  We ended the day there and headed back over to downtown on the ferry in search of some low country boil at Despositos.  Some backwoods restaurant outside the city.  Decent food, overpriced, filling.  We headed back to the dock house for some evening trout fishing and crashed out for the night.
Easy days…


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