St. Augustine, Florida to Beaufort, South Carolina Offshore

We took off from Hidden Harbor Marina in the heart of downtown, St Augustine, for our trip north up the east coast for hurricane season.  I was fully stoked to finally be tossing off the dock lines, heading out cruising and exploring new places.

Matt and Adrian finishing up last minute details.

Kokoi in her spot at Hidden Harbor Marina.

The joy and excitement on Matt’s face after leaving the dock…Priceless!

Kokoi’s Crew: Adrian, M.E. and Matt

The Cockpit

The trip started out simple enough with a fill up at the St. Augustine City Marina and then out the inlet to be met by 2 foot rollers. We had a nice beam reach until sunset when passing St. Mary’s inlet. The wind died down and we drifted north for a few hours in rolling 4 ft. waves. Finally, the decision was made to start the engine and head further north looking for a fresh breeze.

Adrian with our friend, Kyle, at the city marina.
Waiting for the Bridge of Lions to open.

The davet system on the back. Solar panels, grill, fish cleaning station, outboard engine mount, dinghy, mountain bike and inflatable stand-up paddleboard everything a cruiser needs!

Sailing Off-shore

I stayed awake all night on watch while M.E. and Adrian tried to get a few hours of sleep here and there. Sunrise finally came and with it a nice breeze from the Southeast. The decision was made to head in at Port Royal Sound and up to Beaufort, South Carolina for the night.
It was a long trip up the sound to Beaufort but well worth it for the easy anchorage and small town vibe. The town was pretty quiet with only a few people stirring around until we stumbled across Hemingway’s Bar.  Tucked in the basement of an old waterfront building it was quite interesting. I would say a must stop if your looking for a good laugh or two.  Moe the bartender and Dick, a bar regular, were the only two people in the place and for some reason I think they were the only two people there for quite a long time. Moe entertained us with her small town stories about Beaufort such as the time the cops maced hundreds of teenagers at a teen night during the annual event, Waterfest and explained why they don’t have reggae day anymore because of the several stabbings.  I think the icing on the cake was how she described a local Jimmy Buffet cover band as making you want to repeatedly stab your inner eardrum.  Ahh the vibes of a small town.  Needless to say it was entertaing enough for two beers and then back to the boat to crash out for the night. Good Times!

The anchorage in Beaufort, South Carolina.

Scenes from Beaufort

Kokoi, safely achored at sunset.

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