Charleston to Winyah Bay, South Carolina

Today was a simple laid back easy going day on the waterway. It was nice to sleep in for a day and get an easy morning start headed towards Georgetown, South Carolina.
The ICW, here in South Carolina, was buzzing with boat traffic all day long.  There were people everywhere skiing, fishing, swimming, and laying out barbequing on their docks. It felt great to see so many people enjoying the outdoors.
We had a perfect wind coming from the SSW which carried us up nicely along the ICW under jib. Not much really happened other than laying around reading, navigating, and looking up info on future towns we are going to stop at. I am looking forward to making it to Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina in hopes of some good surf in the next few days.
The only other highlight of the day was watching a group of boaters pet a dolphin and feed it baitfish outside of McLellanville. I’ve seen and heard about alot of things in my day but have yet to see or hear about this in the wild.  I tried to snap a few pics but never got a decent shot with the boat traffic in the area.

An attempt at taking a picture of the boaters petting the dolphin…

We dropped the hook right before sunset  in Winyah Bay which had a great holding and plenty of swing room. Ate mac and cheese for dinner and took a nice, hot shower.  Simple day and an easy 51 miles knocked down today.


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