Calabash River, NC

Woke up bright an early this morning to get moving and knock down some miles. We sailed north to Georgetown Harbor Marina to throw some coins at their diesel pumps, which we did well.
The guys there were great and we were able to fill up the diesel and water tanks and give Kokoi a bath real quick before getting back under way. We entered into the Waccamaw River which is suppose to be one of the most scenic areas of the ICW and it definitely held up to its title. We had a great motor sail north until we reached south Myrtle Beach.
We went from a small scenic village to the famous Myrtle Beach, equipped with billboards even along the waterway.  It was great to be entertained for a few hours by the local water police pulling every drunk over for blasting through the no wake zones. The boat traffic was insane for this area, but then again it was a Sunday and it was gorgeous outside.
It was great to be graced with the presence of Intoxication, a red hulled cigarette boat, throughout roughly 10 miles of the waterway here.  I would have to say that it was Myrtle Beaches finest in this boat. Two blondes, one with pink hair highlights, the big boss behind the wheel with the sweetest barbwire tattoos and his co-host some yahoo with the flipped upside down visor backwards.  Gotta love this area so much free entertainment!
We made it to a sleepy little fishing village on the Calabash River, watched the casino boats pass by and called it a night.


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