Wrightsville Beach, NC

Everything drenched when we got back from shopping
It’s amazing how long small chores take to do when cruising.  The day started out with a 1 mile walk to the post office to send some things off and then another mile or so to the nearest bus stop to head into Wilmington and find a Kinko’s and grocery store to do some shopping for the week.  Normally this would take probably an hour maybe slightly more to cruise around town and get things knocked out.  In the cruising world it took roughly 2 hours of researching the bus schedule, finding where the stops were to get where we needed to go, and then to get our things together and dinghy into shore.
Everything was grand until we made it to the first bus stop and the skies above opened up on us.  We got drenched for about 15 minutes sitting on the side of a highway, road a freezing bus for roughly 45 minutes, and then walked another half mile to get to the Kinko’s.  Easy enough I guess.  We waited in the rain for roughly another 50 minutes to catch a bus and roughly half an hour later finally arrived at a Harris Teeter.  Sweet! Soaking wet we dragged ourselves around the grocery for about an hour or more and filled up an entire shopping cart full of good stuff!  Ooops we forgot we had to lug all this back to the boat roughly a 4 mile hike away with 50 lbs of groceries and beer. 
Dinghy still half filled with water
Easy enough 5 minutes in it begins to pour, and pour so hard that the rain stung our faces the entire walk back to the dinghy docks.  We arrived to a dink that was completely filled with water and nothing to bail it out with so I proceeded to get on my knees, cup my hands and try to shovel water overboard for about 30 minutes.  At this time I believe M.E. had just about all she could handle.  Back to the boat we go for some sandwiches for lunch nearly 6 hours later.  Just another easy day of getting a few errands done.  Its only 4:15 as I write this and its pouring down rain, blowing about 25 knots, and I am dead tired.  I think it’s time to call it a day.  M.E. is already in bed sleeping, haha..  Am I beginning to sound like this is a rough life?  I loved every minute of the day today don’t let me fool you.  Its not that rough out here.  Good Times!
Next approaching squall in the anchorage

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