Wrightsville Beach, NC

Left early this A.M. headed to Wrightsville Beach with the biggest grin on my face. I was so stoked to be headed somewhere with some surf and a small town beach atmosphere.
We had a great South wind to push us up the ditch at a solid 5.5 knots until we hit Southport. Once we passed through Southport we caught the incoming tide and road it all the way up river to the ICW.  It was an incredible sleigh ride downwind averaging 6.5 knots and seeing 7.8 at one point in time just under sail.

6.7 knots

We dropped the hook for the first time in Wrightsville Beach at around 4 p.m. this afternoon.  I didn’t think we had enough scope out, so up comes the hook for the second attempt.  At 4:10, our second attempt promptly occurred. We got the hook set right away, let out enough scope and I was totally stoked to be done for the day. Fifteen minutes later up comes the hook for the third try. I felt that sitting roughly 50 feet off the docks that held a 65′ Viking wasn’t the best place to drag. We dropped the hook much further out and upwind this time, got a nice hold the first time and played the waiting game for roughly 30 minutes.  Everything was perfect and I was salivating waiting to hit the surf.
Got the dinghy dropped, boards out and oh no, the kiteboard fin went through my board of choice. Board two worked out better and I was able to catch a few waves right at sunset. Met a really cool young couple from St. Croix headed to the Chesapeake as well for the summer.  Hung with them at the dinghy docks for a while and decided to call it a night.  This is what cruising is all about!  Now if I could just wake up tomorrow morning in the same spot without the anchor dragging. Over and out!

Catching a wave before the end of the day!


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