Masonboro Inlet Surfing

The swell rolled in strong last night and the surf was up early this morning.  I grabbed my board for a sunrise session on Wrightsville Beach and it was incredible.  The waves were about chest high, glassy and rolling in with perfect form. I surfed for a few hours while M.E. went for a walk along the beach. Then we headed back to the boat to make some lunch and rest for a little while.

Morning Surf Session
Surf Scene at Wrightsville Beach
Catching Some Waves
Great Way To Start Off The Morning
While out surfing this morning, we met Tony from Sweetwater Surf Shop.  He’s a super cool guy and who would have ever guessed he was big into photographing flowers. A true man after M.E.’s heart. We decided to stop by and visit his shop, where I was able to grab some Suncure to fix my short board. Unfortunately, on our way north, the kiteboard fin went through the board but the Suncure did the trick.  Sweetwater Surf Shop was a super cool shop with super chill people.  Gotta love the Wrightsville Beach attitude, really laid back and easy going.

Sweetwater Surf Shop

After fixing up the short board, we threw the boards in Lil’ Trout (aka our dinghy) and headed out for a 15 minute run south to Masonboro Beach.  This beach is only accessible by boat with plenty of secret little coves to surf.  I paddled out for a few hours and had some great rides. We made our way back to the boat just in time for me to get a quick outdoor shower and shave. 

Getting The Short Board Prepped
On Our Way To Masonboro Island In Lil’ Trout
Masonboro Island
Catching Some Waves On Masonboro
Kokoi At Anchor In Wrightsville Beach
We hit up Lagerheads Tavern this evening after dinner.  Met a super chill, old hippie named Dennis, who sailed up for the day from Carolina Beach.  Lagerhead’s has got an incredible beer selection of both imports and microbrews.  When you are drinking good beers for only $2.50 each, it’s needless to say we ended up spending the rest of the evening there listening to good music and making new friends. Great place to stop in and have some brews when visiting Wrightsville Beach.

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