Camp Lejeune Basin

Got an early start to catch the first bridge opening in Wrightsville Beach headed North again.  It was hard to leave such a great place, but then again felt great to be back underway.  We’re currently headed towards Beaufort,NC with a stop over for the evening in Camp Lejeune.  The weather was great but the conditions were not in our favor on the ICW today.

Beautiful Boat Passing after Wrightsville Beach

 A strong opposing current and a 25 knot wind from the North all day made for a long day under motor.  Still beats an 18 hour day at work though! The chartplotter decided today that it was going to not show our course anymore and the charts ended.  Granted this was no suprise as I already knew that our charts ended in SC, and I was actually shocked they kept going this far.  So to plan b I went and used our Mac ENC software until we are able to get to Beaufort and get our new chart chips.

Daily Nav Station Underway

Dropped the hook early afternoon in Camp Lejeune basin in the hopes of some excitement and artillery rounds going off for the evening, but a quick call to the base let us know that there wouldn’t be any excitement for the next few days.  The guy did state though that the only way the waterway would be closed down tomorrow would be if a plane fell out of the sky?? Kind of weird for him to make that analogy but oh well I guess.  Tried my hand at fishing for a little while both artificial and shrimp, tomorrows dinner, with no luck at all.  I’m still stoked for tonight’s dinner anyways! One of my favorite simple meals grilled chicken and corn on the cob for dinner then off to bed.  Beaufort we shall see you manana.

Cool shot of what I believe is an Osprey and her babies

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