Wrightsville Beach, NC

Passing through the mooring field

Today was probably our most laid back day yet. I feel as though we are beginning to get used to this lifestyle slowly but surely.  There is no need to rush around and get things done.  We slept in late and enjoyed the middle of the day laying around on the boat.  I was able to get a lot of paperwork done and finish some of my companies books since closing. Got to see some really cool dinghy sailors come through the anchorage with their coach today.  Pretty intense sailors and I loved every minute of them passing through.

Get It!
Just a little bump and grind.  No harm done
The Risk Taker.  About 3 feet off our port

 We took the dinghy into the seafood market to get some fresh shrimp and grabbed an couple of appetizers along the way at Dockside.   Came back to the boat for a nap and to get ready for our “date night”.

Motts Channel Seafood

 We went to the most incredible Mexican place I have ever been Tower 7.  I guess it wouldn’t really be considered Mexican but more like a Baja Tex Mex.  Our waitress Amanda was really cool and had just got back into town from fishing in a Marlin tournament out of Beaufort,NC.  Overall the food was incredible, wait staff was chill, music selection +, and the atmosphere was perfect.  Easy way to spend a Wednesday.

You know it’s good when I am making this face
Squid? Swimming behind the dinghy at the dock

Early to bed this evening as we will be headed out tomorrow morning for Mile Hammock Bay located just near the training center for Camp Lejune.  Should be a pretty interesting time and we are hoping that they are doing training missions when we arrive.


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