Beaufort, NC

Started the day out by eating lunch for breakfast and preparing for the adventure ahead. We needed to go into Moorehead City to get groceries and hit up the West Marine for our new Navionics chart chip they had on hold for us. We tried a few local places to see if we could get a loaner car for the day with no luck. It was then decided that we would just walk up to West get the chip and do our shopping at the Walmart nearby, then walk back.

Matt ready for the trek to Moorehead City

I mean, it’s only 9 miles down the highway so no problem at all. We made it roughly a mile and a half before an 85 year-old man named, Harvey, pulled over to give us a ride.  He was quite interesting telling us how it was bullshit that the 4-lane highway we were on was only 30 mph and how once you got past downtown they bumped it up to 35 mph as to laugh in your face.  He had some great tales of his boating career with his wife and shared photos on his phone of his backyard and boats with us in the Walmart parking lot.
After saying goodbye to Harvey we wandered around my favorite store buying groceries and some random things for the boat before hiking over to West Marine to pick up our navigation chip.  I tend to forget when grocery shopping that I have to carry everything we buy back roughly 9 miles to the dinghy dock.  I proceeded to buy three 12 packs of green tea and about 45 lbs of other random stuff. Threw it all on my back and hiked a mile down the road to West Marine.
Everyone at this West was super cool and knowledgeable.  They had the nav chip waiting and we were out the door in roughly 5 minutes.  M.E. worked the front door of the store for about 30 minutes trying to get us a ride back to Beaufort and went through roughly 40 people before a couple said hop on in and lets go.  Pete and Jennifer were big sailing and flying enthusiasts to say the least.  Both had their own planes that they flew regularly and Jennifer had been around boats since she was 16.  Their son, his wife, and two children are now taking off on a family adventure of a lifetime to sail around the world on their catamaran.  They dropped us off right downtown near the dinghy dock, we said our goodbyes, and Jennifer gave us her number and said to feel free to call anytime for a ride.  It makes me so happy to know there are still great people out there!
Later this evening we saw the band, Cope, play for a little while at the Backstreet Pub.  Ended up chilling with them in the courtyard for a few hours then rolled the party back to the boat where we ate, fished, and told stories the rest of the evening.  Great guys and look forward to crossing paths and seeing one of their shows again in the near future.

Backstreet Pub

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