Beaufort, NC

This morning I went out to help some new friends, Jill, Dave, and Rick set a new mooring for Jill’s sailboat a Pearson 30 that has been re-done and is absolutely gorgeous.  It took us a few tries to get everything lined up properly in the creek and to get the anchors set well.  Afterwards they went out for a sail offshore for a few hours and Antonio and I took the dinghy out fishing. We went into some back creeks, where we tried our hand at catching trout, reds, and flounder.  We had some great hits and I was able to land a nice trout for tomorrow’s lunch. 

While I was out fishing, M.E. was supposed to be working on washing the dishes. As I said the other day, we are currently out of water so the only place to do dishes is sitting on the sugar scoop (the back end of the boat) and washing them in the water.  While she was doing this the only 4 drinking cups we have on board decided to go for a swim.  So she decided to jump in after them.  She was able to save our lovely cups but couldn’t make it back to the boat since the current is so strong in this area.  She drifted down current for about 100 yards before making it to the beach where she sat and waited for an hour before I showed back up from fishing.
Now back to chores. We got a few things done around the boat, filled the water tanks with some jerry jugs, finished up doing the dishes, folded and put away the laundry and got ready to go out for happy hour.  Antonio had headed into work. He’s the bartender at a local waterfront establishment called Stillwater.  Great vibe, nice people, good music and excellent food.  We lounged around on their lower deck for about 4 hours eating appitizers before deciding to call it an evening. When we got back from our evening out we were sitting in our cockpit wrapping up computer stuff when the Dashews, the world renowned sailing couple, pulled up and anchored directly beside us.  Pretty interesting to say the least and an absolutely incredible boat they are traveling on now a days. 

Hanging out at Stillwater
Interesting boats passing us in the anchorage

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