Beaufort, NC

This morning we were eager to move on north but for some reason, it is becoming a trend that it doesn’t happen. We went into town around midday to take showers and see if we could get some parts delivered to the city dock, where we ran into Jeb, the dockmaster here. Jeb is a great guy, we originally met him on a surf trip to Eleuthera in January 2011, so it was awesome getting to catch up and see him again. He told us that there was no problem on getting the parts delivered and to come in for a few hours before we leave with the boat to wash her down and refill all our tanks. Sweet deal!
We made our way back over to the boat for lunch and met up with Antonio and Tyler for some mid-day fishing. Tyler has his commercial license and has definitely spent quite a bit of time on the water. We fished a few different spots around town and slayed the fish. Plenty of black seabass, croaker and a few other random oddball fish.  M.E. impressed us all and caught more fish than all of us combined!

Tyler, Matt and Antonio ready to catch some fish!
Bait Escapees

First catch of the day
Another catch by M.E.

When we got back to the boat, we took some naps and then headed downtown to see Barefoot Wade.  This guy is an amazing musician with a vibe like Zach Deputy but with a more reggae/jam to his music. I danced the night away for a few hours on the boardwalk and then we headed back to the boat for dinner.  For some reason dinner has been getting later and later recently. I began grilling shrimp with Old Bay and boiled corn for dinner at around midnight. We stuffed our faces with about 2 lbs of shrimp and threw in the towel for the evening.

Barefoot Wade

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