Beaufort, NC

Finally a day of accomplishments! We were able to get a lot of chores done around the boat and it feels great. Last night M.E. stayed up late working on the blog and I fished some dock lights until around 2 a.m. this morning with not much luck. There was plenty of action and lots of blues but no trout deep in the shadows.
The oil and filters are all changed on the engine and I dove the entire bottom today.  It wasn’t really to bad but there was a nice layer of algae for the first two feet from the waterline.  I was able to clean the rudder and prop really well so I think its time for KoKoi to begin moving north again.


We had an incredible lunch today of blackened trout and shrimp tacos which are always the bomb!  So I guess life on the boat isn’t all fun and games.  The engine room was about 100 degrees and I was stuck in there for what seemed like an eternity since I was having endless problems with the oil pumps.
I ran into town after I completed my major chores to fill Lil’ Trout up with fuel, take out the trash and was offered a happy hour beer on Antonio. Thanks!  A nice Victory Pale which I don’t get to drink everyday.  Much needed after a long day of work.

Blackened Shrimp Tacos and Fish Sandwiches

I went back down to the boat to get M.E. and ready ourselves for the evening ahead.  We all met back up at Antonio’s house for drinks and met some really amazing people. We met a guy named, George, that had circumnavigated on his 40-foot cat in his early 30’s.  He picked the boat up with three other friends in South Africa and sailed her to French Polynesia where he did surf charterers for a few years. Really interesting guy with some incredible stories.

Hanging out on the porch with friends

After we finished off an ice chest full of beer, we all made our way over to Backstreet Pub for open mic night.  Some serious talent in this small town and we had a great time jamming all evening. At Backstreet, we met a couple from Germany that have been sailing all over the world, ironically enough, their blog is called Flow Global! M.E. and I made our way over to the Royal James Cafe for some late night grub. They were all closed up for the evening but fired the flat top and deep fryer back up for us. If it was fried we ate it and enjoyed every minute of our time there. Thanks again to Joel and Marcello for taking care of us at two in the morning. Now it’s finally time to sleep!

With Anna and Marcus from Flow Global
Joel is the man!


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