Beaufort, NC

Staying up late and waking up late seems to be a trend around here lately. We did some blog work this morning while having a great breakfast and just taking in the cool air pouring down the hatches from the SSW winds we have been getting.  I made my list of chores to do which seems to be continuously getting longer.  Windlass, head, pump out fitting, chart plotter, leaky fresh water line, windshield clip and the list goes on.

Biscuits, Strawberries and Blueberries for Breakfast…Yum!

I felt like after all the hard work I put into making this list it was time for a break. We needed to go into town to check and see if our part had arrived at the city docks.  It hadn’t arrived and they were slow so we did the usual and sat around shooting the breeze with Jeb for a while about local dive spots and his collection of old glass bottles.
We hadn’t been to the Maritime museum or the boat building shop yet so it was a must-do on the list. Two incredible places with plenty of history about the waters surrounding North Carolina.  After blowing a few hours cruising around town it was about that time to check on our part arrival.  Nope still not there, but no problem, lunch was on our minds!

Scenes from the Beaufort Maritime Museum
Remnants of The Queen Anne’s Revenge

The Charles McNeill Maritime Library

The Maritime Museum’s Boat Building Workshop

To cook or not to cook was the topic of conversation for about 30 minutes.  Its amazing how hard decisions can be when you have so much time on your hands.  It was decided that we would walk a few miles up the highway to the famous No Name Pizza.  Took the double stack cheeseburger, which we split, and it was incredible!  Everyone in town had kept telling us to hit this place up and we were oh so glad we did.

Best Burger In Beaufort: No Name Pizza

After No Name, we headed back to the city marina where our deck pump out part had arrived.  This was both exciting and somewhat of a bummer.  Now I had no choice but to get to work on the boat.  We got back to the boat and psyched oursleves up to get some stuff done. We fixed the windlass, installed the pump out fitting, downloaded updates for the chart plotter and cleaned up around the boat.  It’s looking like time for KoKoi to move onto new places.  Early to bed, early to rise tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “Beaufort, NC

  1. From St. Augustine To Beaufort, N C , this adventure is entertaining and quite incredible. I look forward to the next day's sailing experience. It makes me wish I was part of the crew. The photography is awesome and from the looks of things, your foodie experience isn't being deprived. Safe travels !


  2. Still trying to find out exact dates for the NorthEast with BT but as soon as I do I will try and coordinate something to where we will be able to come meet up with you and ME for a night or two… Safe travels and I am extremly jealous! RandyMan…


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