Beaufort to Oriental, NC

It felt great to fire the engine up this morning and pull up the hook. I was able to fix the windlass yesterday so picking up 80 feet of chain and the anchor was a push of the button.  We motored into the city docks  to give Kokoi her first real bath since the beginning of this new adventure. We spent a few hours there going over the entire boat, filling the water tanks and cleaning the dinghy.
Oriental was only about 20 miles away so it was nice to not have to rush and try to knock down 50+ miles today.  We caught the incoming tide and rode it all the way into Oriental at 6+ knots. Why isn’t sailing always this easy?
We pulled into the FREE city dock in downtown Oriental around 3 o’clock this afternoon. I threw over two fenders and tied up my dock lines right as the skies opened and poured down on us for a couple of hours.

Kokoi at the free dock in Oriental

We saw a break in the skies and made it to the grocery to grab some things for dinner. As always with our grocery shopping experiences it was pouring by the time we were done shopping. We sat outside the front door for no more than a couple of minutes before two different people offered us rides.
We took Carolyn up on the offer and she drove us around her small town showing us the sites, restaurants and bars.  So many great places and people in N.C. its hard to leave this state.  It’s great having the full enclosure when it rains but the entire boat tends to turn into a tropical rainforest with the humidity level at about 110%.
 The rain finally stopped right as Saltwater Gold, a local band, kicked it off at the tiki bar next door.  We did what we normally do and ended up going out for “one” beer. We started to meet all the locals; some guys from the local captain school and a couple from Raleigh. As always this ended up with people coming back to the boat for beers and me cooking chicken curry at around 1 o’clock in the morning!


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