Oriental, NC

It’s Sunday Fun Day around here in Oriental. M.E. and I spent the first few hours this morning chowing down on some bagels and enjoying the cool A/C at The Bean Coffee Shop, located conveniently right across from the FREE city dock. After a spending some time working on the blog and checking emails we headed back to the boat to make a grocery list.

The Bean Coffee Shop

The small town vibe here is great and with that comes a handful of stores being closed on Sundays. We started our trek down to the grocery store to stock up on fresh veggies and meat to have for dinner the next few days. Along the way, we stopped in at the Marine Consignment Store of Oriental to see what kind of stuff they had to offer. Among the rope, propellers, foul weather gear, etc., M.E. was able to find a cruising guide to the Chesapeake, which I happily got for a grand total of $10. Not too bad when the new versions start out at $40.

Marine Consignment of Oriental

We made it to the grocery store and were able to get some really amazing produce and meat for a good price. I was actually kind of surprised by the selection that they had considering that the town is so small. As we headed back towards town, one of the guys we had met the night before pulled up and gave us a ride back to the dock. Score!

When we got back to the dock, we noticed a familiar boat…Mellow Seas! Our friend, Andy, is quite a character. He is one of the funniest guys I know with stories of his old days teaching school in Connecticut. Andy had gotten a slip at the marina right next to the city dock, which means that he got to enjoy all of the amenities that the marina had to offer including the pool! M.E. and Andy went swimming while I relaxed and had a couple beers poolside.

I was walking back to the boat to grab another beer when I noticed another familiar face…David, our old dockmaster! We had actually seen David by coincidence in Beaufort and now we were seeing him for a second time in just a couple of days. David was doing a delivery for one of his friends and they just happened to stop in at the marina for the night. We invited Andy and David over for chicken dinner. Nothing better than a few cold beers, stories with friends and a roasted chicken with carrots and potatoes.

The Oriental Inn and Marina
Friends from Hidden Harbor Back Together! Matt, David and Andy

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