Oriental to Belhaven, NC

Morning breakfast at the Bean is always quite entertaining.  There are roughly 75-100 people there and 99% of them are serious sailors.  Everyone has something to talk about whether it’s travel, racing or just boats in general.  It’s even more interesting that most of these people are there for 4 hours or so every morning.  Since we were going to be seeing NW winds for the next few days it was decided we would get out early and head up to Belhaven this morning.
We had a great mix of sailing and motor sailing our way up to Belhaven and set the hook in their protected harbor.  The wind was kicking up to around 20 knots from the NW and before going into town for dinner I decided to put out another 25 feet of chain.  A wise decision it turned out to be later in the evening.
We picked up Andy and decided to head into the big city for dinner. We cruised around the entire town looking for a restaurant that was open and finally came across Farm Boys.  The best way I can describe this place would be a mix between the skate rink and little league baseball snack stands with an F- in health sanitation.

On the way to Belhaven

I ordered the BBQ pork plate with fries and coleslaw.  I wasn’t really expecting much from the meal, but when they didn’t serve BBQ sauce with the BBQ plate I began to get concerned.  I mean granted I am not very intelligent but I thought the keyword in the dinner plate was the BBQ, but I could have been mistaken.  What scared me even more was the fact that before I ordered I asked a local what the best thing on the menu was and he told me the BBQ plate.  Hmmmm?
After all this it was time to head back to the boat and call it an evening.  I napped for a couple of hours while M.E. read until she woke me up around 11 o’clock.
The conversation went something like this…
M.E.: “It looks like it is going to storm, do you think we should put the enclosure up and check the anchor?”
Matt: “Whatever its fine outside and I’m sleeping.”
So M.E. took it upon herself to clean up outside and begin setting up the full enclosure.  I, of course, couldn’t let her do it alone so I dragged myself outside to help. Glad I did once again. The sky lit up with lightening, winds picked up to 25+ and the waves were rolling us around. I sat in the cockpit nice and dry while thinking of the 25 ft. of extra chain I put out earlier this afternoon.  I am slowly learning to do things before the storm and not during. I went back downstairs with a big grin on my face and back to sleep.  Good Night!


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