Belhaven, NC

The town of Belhaven came to life this morning when we came in to town to have breakfast. There must have been 5 cars on the road and we saw roughly 15 people cruising up and down the sidewalks.  From the ghost town last night to the big, little town it is today. We ended up having breakfast at the Gingerbread Bakery with Andy and enjoying the sights and sounds of the local community.

Andy waiting for his sticky bun at The Gingerbread Bakery.

It was incredible to find a brand new library off Main Street that was wonderful. A/C, free WiFi and plenty of sailing magazines to read…we were in heaven. We headed back to the boats around mid-day to do our chores and get ready for the afternoon ahead.
M.E. and I headed into town to grocery shop, get propane and make a stop at the Dollar Store. We knocked all this out in about 4 hours and headed back to R.S. 66 to pick up our propane tank on the way back to the dinghy.  We must have been looking really rough and worn out because Joey, the owner, decided to give us a free ride back into downtown right up to our dinghy.  Just another example of the wonderful people in North Carolina.

Heading into town on Lil’ Trout.
What?! Land!

M.E. took over the chores of putting everything away and began the long hot process of cooking dinner for everyone.  I, on the other hand, to the responsibility of going to Andy’s boat for beers and to read over charts for the next few days. I tell you sometimes all this future planning can really become a happy hour burden but it must be done and I’m glad that it’s my responsibility to do so.  We had a great spaghetti dinner with an incredible salad and garlic cheese bread!  A few more beers and homemade brownies for the boys then it was time to call it a night.

Sunset in Belhaven

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