Belhaven to Alligator River, NC

Cheerios for breakfast? WHAT?!  I felt like a kid again and it was great. We were under sail doing 4 knots this morning when M.E. asked if I would like a bowl of cheerios. I haven’t had cereal for breakfast in probably 16 years. We enjoyed our 4 knot sail while eating cheerios and drinking blueberry tea.

Andy caught up with us and we motor sailed the rest of the day through some pretty interesting areas.  We went through one area called the Pungo Rover Canal.  Really interesting narrow area with plenty of cypress stumps and wildlife.  Somewhere along the canal we hit something pretty good.  KoKoi was cruising along at 5.5 knots in 14.3 feet of water when all the sudden THUMP.  Being the sometimes lazy person I am I decided to continue laying in the cockpit to see if the floorboards began to float. I waited about 15 minutes and then decided to actually go downstairs and assess the situation.  There was obviously no damage so back to nap time I went.

Mellow Seas in front of us…literally!

At the Southern end of the Alligator River we dropped the hook for the evening just in time to get our own personal air show by the fighter jets that were flying overhead! I rowed over to get Andy for dinner. Stuffed artichokes for an appetizer followed up by fried pork chops, homemade mashed potatoes and a can of le sueur peas.  We all sat around telling stories until the dreaded moment.  The wind had kicked up and I had to row Andy back to his boat.  It wasn’t to bad and we made it without flipping the dinghy.  For some odd reason I decided this evening was going to be my bi-weekly shower.  I cranked up the hot shower, shaved and even washed my face. It felt great and I crawled into bed feeling clean and refreshed for the first time in a while…unfortunately however, I used the last of the water. Two days to go before we can get more, the fun of living on a boat!

Alligator  River

Fighter Jets Overhead
Mellow Seas at anchor

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