Alligator River to North River, NC

We woke up this morning to dream conditions outside.  The wind was just starting to pick up out of the SW, the sun was shining and KoKoi was ready to move on. It’s conditions like this that we dream of sailing in.  Everyone knows the cover and inside pages of every cruiser magazine out there. I am not sure who writes all those articles but I must be in the 1% because things rarely ever go that way for me. Today happened to be just that day though.
Beam reach from anchor pull to anchor drop. We averaged around 5.7 knots all day hitting 7.1 a few times here and there.  Today we set new records…the first day in which we spent no money at all. These are the days I dream of, not of the sailing, but of not spending any money!

Sailing at 6.7 knots

Other than the sailing it was quite mellow today. We saw a coast guard plane do fly-overs for a few hours, a couple of seagulls and a few other boats in passing (one of which was hard aground). I decided to charge on a few extra miles since conditions were perfect and we set the hook just before 4:30 this afternoon. I began the daily routine of dishes. Surprise! As I mentioned before, we are out of water once again.  I took to the swim platform for dish duty and we got enough done to make dinner.


Andy somehow always shows up over at our boat around dinner time. We had a great meal of tacos and then off to bed.

Tacos for Dinner
Matt rowing Andy back to his boat
Side note: I dreamt of sailing in Cuba all last night.  I haven’t been there yet but just dreaming about it for 8 hours…I swear that country is amazing! I just wonder if the surf goes off there?

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