Great Bridge, VA

Getting a 5 o’clock start on the day and having the anchor up before sunrise tends to make all the difference.  It was going to be a long day of motoring the winding channel up to Great Bridge.   A few hours into the trip we stopped at the Coinjock Marina to refuel, fill the water tanks, and get a pump out.

Diesel Burn

 It took a couple of hours to accomplish this small task, but was well worth it later in the day.  It was hot as in 102 degrees hot today with little wind. Of course this would be the day I had scheduled to rebuild the head and all the plumbing!  I’m not going to get into details here but will say I was literally ankle deep for about 2 hours.  Accomplished and all of our hoses are back to flowing properly.  I took a nice cold shower on the back deck and we changed over driving duties every couple of hours throughout the day.

Cruising down the ditch reading and tanning

The scenery was beautiful in this area and we even got a glimpse of some weird military boat and some ospreys close up and personal. Great Bridge docks are a GREAT place to stop since they are FREE.  We tied up, got a cold case of brews, and awaited Andy’s arrival a couple of hours later.

Great Bridge, VA

Old Norfolk Southern Railroad Bridge

It was miserably hot so I broke down and busted out the generator and kicked on the AC for a few hours in the aft cabin.  Andy, M.E., and I savored the AC and did things online before our big dinner date.  We all went out to Chili’s for dinner and AC why of course.  After a few hours of devouring food and beers it was time to head back to the boat, refill the generator fuel tank, and climb back into the AC cabin.  Most people wouldn’t understand our love/hate relationship with AC but when you haven’t had any in over a month its a really nice luxury.

Norfolk Dredge Co. for Paul

New friend and current stowaway


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