Great Bridge, VA

I was abruptly awoken last night at 12:37 AM to winds blowing 60-70 mph outside. We are tied to the free dock in Great Bridge and I’m very glad we are still here.  The storm was called a Derecho according to the locals in the area that I had asked.  Incredible high winds with 14 deaths and 3 million people out of power along with 3 states declaring a state of emergency.  I went outside to check the lines and take things off the deck and the wind was incredible.  It was really different from any storm I have ever been in before.  It lasted for roughly 30 minutes of high winds with no rain.  Then as fast as it came it was gone and I was back sound asleep.
Since the sun rose this morning it has been brutal inside and out.  The temperature is 102 degrees and the heat index says 121 degrees outside.  We found shelter at the nearby Panera for the day reading/answering emails, working on the blog and reading random things online until we met the end of the internet.
We walked aimlessly around stores in the strip shopping center enjoying there A/C until late afternoon and headed back down to the boat.  Happy hour rolled around early today and  a group of us went up to the closest bar to enjoy some beers and live music. It never ceases to amaze me how we go out for a couple of beers at happy hour and then end up closing down places. Everywhere we go we meet so many amazing people.   A local couple gave us a ride back to the boat because a new derecho was just arriving.  It blew in the high 30’s to 40’s for about an hour with light rain which then turned in small hail. I marveled at this storm for about the time it took me to make it from the car to sleeping in my bed…less than 2 minutes.  Sorry about the lack of pictures today, but the bar bill is what really tells the whole story!


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