Norfolk, VA

Its Sunday Funday around here again and we definitely aren’t feeling very fun today. Andy came over to say farewell to us this morning as we got the boat ready to head up to Norfolk for a few days. We pushed off around noon and Andy took the time to walk about a half mile up river to wave goodbye. As we entered the locks there were people all along the shoreline fishing and crabbing when out of nowhere we heard Andy yelling, “Don’t go with that man M.E. stay with me.  Don’t leave me for him please!” Haha, Andy is one of the funniest guys I have ever met! It’s always a good time and pleasure to have him around.

Going through the lock at Great Bridge

Upon entering the Norfolk area, we both had weird feelings about coming back into a big city.  Skyscrapers, ports, naval ships and traffic everywhere. The Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier was in the yard for repairs and we got to see it up close and personal as we passed by on the ICW.  The naval ships we saw in dry dock were huge and incredibly impressive.

Coming Into Norfolk

We made it to the Hospital Point anchorage late afternoon and cleaned up our mess of a boat, launched the dinghy, swam and showered.  My really close friend’s sister-in-law Nancy lives here in town and had us over for dinner and drinks.  Nancy and Alice showed us a great time and we ended up sitting on their porch with a bunch of other salty sailors drinking beers, barbequing and telling sailing stories all night.

 Hanging out on the porch

They brought us back down to the anchorage and we slept perfectly in a light breeze and calm harbor.  It’s great to be back on the hook again where we get a steady breeze. There is a lot to do here in Norfolk and we are really looking forward to July 4th and the week ahead.


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