Portsmouth, VA

Got a few things done around the boat this morning and headed into downtown Portsmouth to check out the sights.  Portsmouth being a beautiful town on the waterfront was not very active whatsoever. The economy must have really taken its toll on this town over the past few years.
The main street through downtown had very few people walking around and it was even lunch time.  It was hot as usual since up North is getting a huge heat wave right now.  We explored the back streets and checked out some architecture before making our way over to the Bier Garden for lunch.
A really cool German place that has over 250 beers and some incredible food as well.  If in the area this would definitely be one of those places to stop for a meal and some brews.  After lunch we cruised the water front checking out boats, museums and some of the shops before heading back over to the boat for the afternoon.

As we were riding out in the dinghy no other than the world famous Andy was anchored right up next to us.  I am beginning to believe he either has a big crush on M.E. or thinks I know what I am doing.  His weather window wasn’t right to head offshore to Connecticut today so we hit the marina pool for beers and a canon ball contest instead. It was a great time meeting some of the other local boaters and cooling off for a few hours in the pool.

We all cleaned up, finished the laundry and headed out to meet Nancy and Alice at the China Buffet.  I love China Buffet!  Andy, M.E., and I have been talking about pizza and Chinese food in the middle of nowhere for the past week so we were all stoked when we found this place.  Good food, great people and fun conversation. Another way to end a great day.  Thanks again to Nancy and Alice for being such gracious hosts and taking such great care of us!

Bye Andy! Safe Travels!

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