Norfolk, VA

Nothing says summer like watermelon. Our friends that we met in Great Bridge, John and Patty, had been kind enough to share a watermelon with us. This morning I cut it all up and enjoyed some nice, cool watermelon for breakfast. 
Got alot of stuff done around the boat this morning so around noon I decided to reward myself with some cold brews. It’s been insanely hot here, as in 100 + degrees everyday with no breeze, so it’s hard to do a lot when it’s so hot outside. Ah! The joys of cruising but it beats working in an office anyday though! 
Hard at work on the blog

We met up with everyone for pizza at Coggins Pizza. This place is insane. Hands down some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. With happy hour prices on micro-brews and a great selection of beer, this place is definitely on the list to come back to when we stop back through Norfolk. After filling up on beer and pizza, we headed back to Nancy and Alice’s house and hung out on the patio until I fell asleep on top of their jacuzzi. Another fun night with incredible food and great people!

Great night at Coggins Pizza

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