Norfolk, VA

After last night’s fun at Coggins, we were moving slowly this morning. Some people at the marina were already kicking off the 4th with breakfast and Bloody Mary’s and M.E. took them up on the offer of a Bloody Mary before we dinghied to the boat to get ready for the day’s activities.
Kicking off July 4th with the Breakfast of Champions: Blood Mary’s
After we grilled some hot dogs for lunch, I decided to blow up the stand up paddleboard and take it out for a spin on the water. Had a great paddleboarding session while M.E. made some dip to take in to the marina for everyone to enjoy. 
Paddleboarding Norfolk

We headed in to to the marina and straight for the pool to cool off. After swimming for a bit, Nancy and Alice met up with us and we relaxed in the shade eating chips and dip and drinking cold beers while we waited for the sun to go down for the fireworks show. The fireworks were worth the wait and the grand finale had everyone cheering and boats blowing their horns by the end of the show. We ended the night listening to Nancy sing and play guitar for us. She is an absolutely incredible singer and it wasn’t long before our audience of three ended up as an audience of 10 or more. Nancy’s performace was a great way to end the festivities of the day and around midnight we headed back to the boat to call it a night.

July 4th Firework Show

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