Norfolk, VA

Today we dinghied over to Norfolk in hopes of going to the local maritime museum, Nauticus. Unfortunately, when we got there we had some issues with finding a free dinghy dock.

The Nauticus Museum

 The Virginia

It’s amazing how there are so many cities on the water who depend on the boating community to bring in tourism but aren’t willing to accomodate the boating community. Here’s the reasoning…a city provides a free dinghy dock, therefore people traveling by boat are more willing to visit the city, the boaters spend time in the city and spend money in the city…it’s a reasonable thing to do but alot of cities just don’t get it.

So instead of spending time walking around Norfolk, we ended up taking a dinghy ride around the perimeter of the city. I found the Grey Street Grill on Urban Spoon, we called in a take out order and had a picnic along the seawall by the Chrysler Museum of Art.

The Battleship Wiconsin

Downtown Norfolk

When we got back, Nancy and I worked on some electrical work on her boat. After working in an engine room in 100+ degrees, we joined M.E. at the pool to cool down. Nancy took M.E. to Walmart, our favorite store, while I enjoyed a long swim and some beers. When they got back we dinghied back to the boat to get Kokoi cleaned up for guests.

Around sunset, we had Nancy and Alice and some of their friends over for dinner. We had a great meal of salad, pork tenderloin, broccoli and sweet potatoes. We all had a great time sharing stories and talking about boats. After we said our goodbyes to everyone, M.E. and I sat in the cockpit and tried to enjoy any breeze that might pass by the boat. Tomorrow we’ll be pulling the anchor and heading to Hampton for a new adventure.

Bye Norfolk! It was fun while it lasted! 


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