Norfolk to Hampton,VA

Time to get moving once again.  A quick run to the post office and some cool showers real quick and we were on our way.  The past week was a whirlwind of great parties, good food and endless hours spent in the marina pool.  I am really going to miss having that pool in the back yard now.  Our days were simple while we were here.  Wake up sweating, go for a swim, do chores, sweat more, go for a swim, have lunch, quick nap, sweat more, pool for happy hour, dry off, dinner, drinks and bed. I really enjoy keeping it simple.

The anchor came up this morning and we motored out into the river with little to no wind.  It wasn’t but 2 minutes later that the sail drive water alarm goes off. Why? Damn it why? This has happened to me in the past but I couldn’t remember where the loose ground was last time. I tore apart the engine room while underway in about 150+ degree heat.  No luck…just a loud buzzing alarm in my ear. Idea! I think the wire is located behind the kitchen wall.  We disassembled the cabinets in the kitchen and bam! I was right! There chafing away on the rails was the sail drive ground.  I cut and taped it and it is now  working fine once again.  Things are so much easier when you never leave the dock.

We had a nice sail past the war fleet which was quite impressive.  Nuclear subs, aircraft carriers and every other line of battleship and supply vessel in the fleet.  It was a short sail today up to Hampton and we are beginning to like it. We dropped the hook directly across from Hampton University.  The anchorage is really tight here with plenty of crab pots but we snuck KoKoi in just outside the main channel.

Hampton is an incredible little town. Plenty to do with museums, fish houses, bars and restaurants lining the shores of the harbor. It was a really relaxed afternoon today. I paddleboarded around the harbor, M.E. worked on the blog and we had dinner on the boat.  East Queens St. here in town is the place to be late at night. We stopped at Goody’s for some brews and TV/AC for a little while before heading over to Marker 20 for live music. They had a great band playing that was jamming a mix of reggae, jam and dub. Decided to call it a short night tonight because jammin’ in the streets is tomorrow evening.  I am totally stoked about letting footloose and breaking it down in the streets.


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