Hampton, VA

Today was another hot one for the record books. After trying to cool down with a swim, we still weren’t cooling off. We had to get off the boat and find some A/C before we melted so we took the dinghy in to town and headed to the closest air-conditioned venue. This happened to be the Crowne Plaza Hotel. We sat in their lobby and worked on our computers and tried to cool down a bit while we waited for the Bid Bus to arrive.

Hard at Work

The Bid Bus is a free bus that took us around Hampton. We got dropped off at Town Center and walked around a bit. After discovering that there was a Chipotle (one of M.E.’s favorites), we headed over to eat some burritos, refill our water bottles and soak up some more A/C.
When we finished up with lunch, we headed over to Barnes and Noble to check out the lastest sailing magazines and get some free WiFi. You gotta love a place that is full of books, has comfy chairs, A/C and free WiFi.
We caught the Bid Bus back into downtown Hampton and I proceeded to the nearest gas station to get some cold brews while M.E. printed off some pictures to make postcards. When we got back to the boat I went paddleboarding for a little while while M.E. started dinner. After eating some tasty jambalaya we headed into town to go to the town block party.

Afternoon Paddleboarding Session

Every Saturday the city of Hampton closes down East Queen’s Way and set up a stage for the band on the lineup for the week to play. Food and beverage vendors pop up tents for the night for the local block party and the locals show up ready to dance or sit back and watch the action. I was amazed at how many people actually showed up for the event. Just offer people a little fun and they will come! M.E. and I danced the night away then headed back to the boat for another sweltering night on the sea.

Hampton Block Party

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