Hampton to Yorktown, VA

Today was the morning you don’t enjoy waking up to in the cruising world. After a late night out on the town, it was around 5:30 a.m. that I began to hear a slight scratching on the bottom.  I jumped out of bed to check and see what was going on and as I had expected we had a wind shift from the SE that pushed us slightly outside the channel and onto the edge of the creek bottom.  The keel was just beginning to work its way up the enbankment. We got the engine started, anchor pulled and hangover in full gear. We bid farewell to Hampton and headed North.  We found another anchorage about 5 miles North, dropped the hook and crashed back out until about noon.
I decided since we had a SE breeze we would move on and sail up to Yorktown where we wanted to visit Jamestown Settlement and Williamsburg. It was an easy day of light winds and we dropped hook in Sarah’s Creek around 7:30 this evening.

Goodbye Hampton!

This is when things begin to get interesting! There was a huge storm approaching and needless to say I was not fully satisfied with the way we were sitting in this small creek approaching a shoal. We pulled anchor and began attempt number 2. Dropped the hook and dragged for about 200 feet before I realized this wasn’t working either…I was really tired and really slow by this point in time. I got the anchor back up out of the mud and a crab trap was attached. Hmmm, wonder why we were dragging so bad?
I believe the saying is 3rd times a charm or 3 strikes you’re out. Dropped the anchor again and backed down with the storm bearing down on us about 5 minutes away. Holding, holding, holding…YES!  Let out about 85 feet of chain and the lightening bolts began to bounce off everything in the anchorage. I believe this is the first time I have ever reloaded the weather radar every 30 seconds for a half and hour. The storm passed and I passed out with it.  Just out here living the life one day at time.

Storm Brewing in the Distance

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