Yorktown, VA

It feels great to wake up cool once again. The weather has been mild and the rain has passed. No better time than now to go to work today.
I had grocery shopping on my mind and M.E. had her list starting out with defrosting the fridge. I peddled the bike around town for a bit and headed the 2 miles up the highway to Food Lion for our weekly grocery shopping.  Food Lion tends to be my least favorite place to go.  They screw you on the prices and their stores are garbage but they tend to always be the closest grocery to where we are located. I got my shopping done, hit up the seafood market for some fresh flounder and made my way back down to the marina.
Surprise! Upon my arrival back at the marina I received my much awaited present from UPS! I loaded the bike, groceries and monster box back into the dinghy and headed for the boat. M.E. had just finished up our defrost cycle and the groceries were thrown in the fridge. To Beneteau: Why do you drain the damn fridge into the bilge? It makes a mess of everything in there every time I have to do a defrost cycle!

 Defrost the Fridge. Check.

I opened up the monster box and inside were our newcockpit cushions.  Well at least one cockpit cushion, and the other two must have been templates for another boat because they were way off.  No problem.  Just figured out the pattern, pulled out a sharpie and bread knife and we were chilling on some new cushions within an hour.

New Cushions in the Cockpit. Check.

Our neighbor Paul stopped by for some happy hour beers. It was great talking to him about sailing his J37 from Seattle to the Chesapeake over the last two years.  He now is a two boat owner after getting a newer Outbound 44, so if there is anyone interested in a outfitted cruising J37 shoot me an email and I will pass along all his info to you.

Happy Hour at Sunset. Check.

After beers and sunset it was the much dreaded time for laundry which we finished around midnight.  Back to the boat for hot dogs and crashing out. Pretty busy day at the office in my book.


2 thoughts on “Yorktown, VA

  1. Draining into the bilge makes a mess that I have to clean up. Plus I hate having any water inside my boat anywhere… Irish Sail Lady made the cushions.. Just accidentally used a wrong pattern.. I got it all cleaned up and they are incredible. She is going to resew them when we pass back through St. Aug headed to the carib. I'll give you her number. She does great work and has great prices as well.. She made the full enclosure as well on the boat.


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