Early mornings have recently been beginning later and later for us. We wake up around 8 a.m. and only start to move around at about 9 a.m.  I think this has something to do with not sleeping at night due to the heat. It’s either that or I’m just looking for an excuse to sleep past 4 a.m. nowadays.
After my encounter with the Five Dollar Lady yesterday I thought it would be a good idea to take a taxi into town from the marina. We got dropped off at the Yorktown visitors center where we caught the free shuttle to Williamsburg and then on to Jamestown.

 Yorktown Visitors Center

 Jamestown settlement was actually a really interesting place to visit with its rich history, museum, excavation plots and old buildings. I think the highlight of this location for M.E. was being able to get her photo taken with a bronze statue of Pocahontas, but to each their own.

The Jamestown Monument
Old church with an archeology site beside it.

 M.E. and Pocahontas

Archeology Site
 Cafe on the Water

After exploring the entire first settlement we caught the shuttle back to Williamsburg to explore the town, gardens and to have lunch.  After a great lunch at the local sandwich shop we cruised around checking out the sites and many incredible gardens in the area. I was pleased with both spots from a history standpoint but Williamsburg felt almost as if I were visiting Disney World. Everywhere we went someone was trying to sell some worthless fake sword, gun, hat or other oddity.  At some moments, I wished we could spend days there and at others I was ready to catch the shuttle back into town and head to the boat.

Sunflowers as big as your face?!
 Williamsburg Gardens

 Moss on the Roof

Municipal Building

After a long day of exploring we made our way back to downtown Yorktown to explore the old homes and monuments in the area.  This was much more surreal without all the gift shops in every building.  M.E. and I filled up on some Ben & Jerry’s on the waterfront while waiting for our taxi driver to arrive and next thing we knew, we were back at the marina and headed home.  It never felt so good to be back home on the boat and we spent the evening cleaning up and relaxing outdoors in the cool air.  We hit up the marina pool for some free WiFi for a couple of hours and to charge all our laptops and phones. Dinner, bed and easy living.  Just the way I like to finish off another great day of exploring.

Yorktown Monument
 Cannon Demonstration at the Yorktown Battlefields

The Yorktown Battlefields

Matt checking out a map of the battlefield war zones.

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