Yorktown to Deltaville, VA

Today was a winning day all around.  Got a great night’s sleep with a cool breeze and slept in late this morning.  Since we were able to get all of our chores done yesterday we decided now was a good time to head North again.  The anchor came up covered in mud and made a mess of the deck but we were underway.
York Yacht Haven has been more than hospitable to us during our stay. On our way out of the anchorage we stopped in to fill the water tanks, wash the deck and grab a few things in the ship store.

York Yacht Haven Marina

From there it was beating up wind for about 6 miles in the York River until we made the turn headed NE towards Deltaville.  The sailing was incrdible today. Everything I always dream about. Beam reach for more than 30 miles all the way into Fishing Bay, Deltaville where I dropped the hook and sails without ever having to turn the engine on.  I loved today’s fuel bill!

Lighthouse along the waterfront.
Deltaville, Virginia

It’s getting rough on the boat these days since we haven’t had any fresh seafood to eat.  We’re having to eat meals like this one below.  I know everyone feels our pity for the spam but I just really miss fresh seafood everyday.


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