Deltaville to Reedville, VA

It wasn’t a great day for sailing but we were both ready to get to Reedville and check out the bountiful supply of fresh seafood.  The weather has really turned around up here and its beginning to feel like what you think the Chesapeake should be during the summer. The picture below describes just how good life is up here right now.
Nothing makes me happier then waking up feeling great and walking out on deck being surrounded by tons of kids in Prams out for a morning race. This will put the biggest smile on your face and is a great way to start the day. Just think that in 20 years some of those kids will be out here cruising just like we are today. So cool!

Morning Pram Practice
Breakfast: Strawberries with Sugar!

Since there wasn’t much wind we motor sailed the entire way to Reedville. It was nice and flat which makes it easy to do boat chores on the water and cook a great lunch like blackened Flounder sandwiches. We napped, cleaned, worked online and cooked most of the day away today. When boredom sets in after a while one of us always comes up with something interesting to do.  Drag behind the boat, sleep more, fish or get toys ready for the anchorage. Today was different though. M.E. decided she wanted to play dress up and have a photo shoot. I said great until I realized I was the photographer and would have to get up from my nap. This is just a small glimpse of what flatwater boredom looks like, enjoy!

Smooth Sailing

We dropped the anchor early afternoon and headed into town in search of a place to toss our garbage, get fresh seafood and a case of beer. Reedville is quiet to say the least but as we were walking down Main St. we were picked up by a very friendly local, Cheryl, who gave us a ride to get all of our chores done. Thanks again Cheryl it would have been quite a long walk without your hospitality.

Reedville, Virginia

After getting everything back to the boat, M.E. convinced me to try and catch a jellyfish for her to have as a pet. There are tons of jellyfish here making it impossible to swim but it’s entertaining to see them floating around the boat. Yes we’ve trumped all average Americans, we don’t have a dog, cat or bird…we now have a jellyfish named Chesary. M.E. named him in part after the Chesapeake and also after one of our friend Joe’s nickname.

Our new crew member…Chesary the Jellyfish!

After the jellyfish escapade, I noticed we still had some time for happy hour. We jumped in the dink and cruised over to Leadbelly’s for appetizers and cold beers. Defintely worth the dinghy ride over there and we had some great crab balls, onion rings and crab bisque that we washed down happily with beers until happy hour ended.

Scenes from Reedville

Delicious Crab Balls at Leadbelly’s

When we arrived back at the boat there was another Beneteau 423 anchored “right” next to us. I mean come on people there isn’t another boat in the bay and your 25 feet away? Then come their friends on a Beneteau 473 which proceed to anchor 25 feet away in the opposite direction.  The guy on the 473 dropped a 60 lb. Rocna with no chain and put out about 30 feet of rope. Are you serious? I thought for roughly 10 seconds before coming to the conclusion that he probably has insurance if he ran into us and I passed out in the cockpit.


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