Reedville to St. Marys College, VA

It’s a good thing we don’t have wind too often. I wouldn’t know what to do with the sails if it ever blew anywhere beyond 10 degrees off the bow. Another day of motorsailing and I use the term lightly because the sail today was more for style points than anything else.
Its been a long time since the offshore poles came out from down below and as boredom set in and the motor hummed I decided no better time than now.  During lunch I rigged up two Mann’s Stretch 25 lures trying to catch stripers or anything else that might bite in these waters. Trolling tends to be an art of dumb luck in my opinion but after 6 hours of trolling the internet finally kicked back on and I found out that there is more to it than I originally thought. Hence the reason why I didn’t have any hits probably. According to “Striper Pros” online the trolling speed needs to be around 3 knots. Are you kidding me? I don’t have a chance in hell making it to an anchorage before sunset doing 3 knots. So we trolled at 5.5 knots all day and didn’t catch anything.
Then the squalls came and of course this is right when I was trying to shoot the St. Mary’s river entrance. No problemo!  I drove us in blinded from the sheets of rain by using the chart plotter and we finally dropped the hook early afternoon.

The dinghy was dropped in the water and to shore we went. St. Mary’s is small.  Really, really small. So we walked the entire 1/4 mile long city this afternoon enjoying the sites and checking out some of its history. St. Mary’s College sailing team is ranked 7th in the nation.  Pretty cool, which in turn means they have a killer waterfront boathouse and beach. The sun set as we chilled on their floating docks and wrapped up another great day on the water.

 St. Mary’s College Boat Storage

 The Dove Ship Replica

 Old Town Settlement Replica

 Make A Wish

Not a bad way to work on the blog…

2 thoughts on “Reedville to St. Marys College, VA

  1. Hi Guys! Sounds like you are having fun! Very different from being on a dock! the Chesapeake is known for no wind in the summer. Long Island Sound on the other hand had 20kts on Saturday plenty sailing Mon!We are heading to the Hamptons for a couple weeks going to raft with friends for fireworks this weekend. We really hope to see you on our journey! Curieuse32@gmail is the best email we have send a shout our way Love Cheri and Dan


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