St. Marys College, VA

Sometimes I wonder where the day went.  Today happened to be one of those days that the time just passed by and then it was time for dinner. This morning was filled with scraping the bottom, building a dinghy harness and cleaning up inside the boat.

Cleaning the Bottom

Around mid day we finally hopped off the boat to go explore the campus and see if the cafeteria was open for lunch.  The campus here is quite impressive and for having only 2,000 students you would think the campus was built for 20,000 students. Its sprawled out all over the hillside.  The cafeteria was closed on Sundays, but the student center was open. Filled with A/C and comfy couches we sunk right in and worked online for a few hours to beat the afternoon heat.

While we were walking around campus we noticed a wild looking tree. It wasn’t just any tree. This tree had hundreds of shoes thrown all over it!

When I googled St. Mary’s to find out about the tree, the following came up in Urban Dictionary:

St Mary’s
1. Short for, Saint Mary’s College of Maryland
2. The bad ass school on the river. We grow pot, we smoke pot, we eat pot, we live pot. Mardigreens and Hallowgreens are regularly used terms. If you’ve “lost it” your shoes WILL be hanging from a tree. On your birthday expect to get ponded. Buy your booze at Cooks and party hard at Monks or The Green Door. Public Safety officers are our best friends, especially when they are chasing us from The Point. We flock to the Keys for spring break and, when we return, we ride around naked on bicycles. We live in Rough House, Snow Hill, Rubbleheap, and Mt. Pleasant. Our hippies have perfected the art that is frisbee golf. On Easter we hunt for Natty Bo…not eggs. Say hello to Sunshine and Cowboy and then pop your collar bitches….you’re in St Mary’s.
3. And we have a climbing wall.
Q: “Oh, so you go to Mount St. Mary’s?”
A: “Dude, no way! I go to St. Mary’s. On the river.”

Haha! Hilarious! The Shoe Tree!

On the way back to the boat we made a pit stop at the gardens to pick fresh herbs and then work our way along the beach back down to the dinghy dock.

Apple Tree

The Garden in the Old Settlement Replica

The weather was incredible and the sun just setting so we took a nice long joy ride up the St. Marys River to view all of the hillside homes which are absolutely beautiful in this area. Truly Chesapeake!  We wrapped up our evening at our current back porch (sail teams house) before heading back to the boat for the evening.  Dinner was real southern cooking. Blackened fish, mac n’ cheese and string beans.  Sometimes it’s just great to keep it simple.

Storm Brewing Over The Anchorage

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