Colonial Beach, VA

The heat is back in full gear here again in the Chesapeake. After filling the water tanks with a few jerry jugs and cleaning out the v-berth it was time to head into town. Simple mission to find wifi and do some grocery shopping. We cruised the streets of downtown taking in the sites and looking for WiFi. Everything in this little beach town is closed on Monday and Tuesday with the exception of Denson’s Grocery. We strolled in here to check out Rocky’s great selection of cheeses and homemade goods. He is a great guy with an excellent family shop. We bought some cold cuts here and promised to be back soon for a meal.
Denson’s Grocery
We finally found out at this time in the morning the only place to get WiFi would be McDonald’s so we walked the 2 miles up there only to find out that they don’t have outlets in their restaurant. Don’t have outlets? Come on McD, who was your architect for this place? We did our grocery shopping and took the long walk back to the dinghy and then out to the boat to put everything away.  Back into town to take advantage of the library for a few hours and finally get some things done.
Colorful Character

Swinging on the Beach
It was a long afternoon at the library as we both had to catch up on some things online.  M.E. took a little longer than I did so I began to get bored and couldn’t come up with anything else to do online.  I noticed it was 5:30 and asked her if it was time to start drinking beer.  She had a few more things to do so this gave me an idea.  Google: How to drink beer at 5:30?  Nothing good came up…  hmmm. How to drink beer? Ah, much better.  Some lame guy showing the proper pour, college kids funneling or drinking direct from the pitcher and then this! Daddy Juice. I showed her the picture that popped up on my screen and she asked, where did you find that?  I googled “how to drink beer?”. This is when we both lost it and decided it was time to leave the library. Back to the boat in search of beer!
“How to Drink Beer”

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