St. Mary’s, MD to Colonial Beach, VA

Got a slightly late start as we waited for a catamaran to get off the dock so we could get water.  Instead they decided to fill their tanks, clean the boat and then just head into town for the day.  I’m glad that people are so in tune to others.  So no water for us and underway we go.  The wind participated for the first few hours of the day as we made our way out of the St. Mary’s River and back into the Potomac. We beat slowly into a headwind before deciding to start the engine and get a move on since we had to make 30 miles today.
Setting Up the Fishing Poles for Trolling

Making Plans For Exploring D.C.

Matt’s Favorite Treat: Ice Pops

The poles were both set and I had nothing more to do but play around on the boat throughout the afternoon. Not quite sure why I had the mic in my hand in the picture above because the VHF wasn’t even turned on all day.  Must have just been boredom that kicked my improv skills in gear.  Most likely I was mocking two people with horrible boat names calling each other repeatedly back and forth on  Channel 16 all day.  Its funny how people repeatedly call a friend when they never answer.  Maybe they don’t want to talk or maybe they got tired of hearing you call so they turned off their radio as well.  Hence the reason why our radio is never turned on.  I know you think I am a horrible boater now since I don’t use the VHF, but oh well.  
Let the fun begin finally!  I took the advice of the pros and brought back the throttle to 3.1 knots for the last few hours of the day.  It was hot and I was tired so I crashed out for about an hour in the cockpit.  Upon waking up the first thing I did was lift my head to check the poles. Damnit, all I saw was silver on top of the water dragging behind the boat.  The autopilot must have somehow gotten the lines crossed while I was asleep and now my lures are all tangled.  I got up and began reeling in one of the poles when I realized they weren’t crossed and that might be a small fish.  I have no idea how much line I had out but it was almost a full spool.  I reeled in for a few minutes before BAM! Check it…Dinner!

Matt’s Catch of the Day: Striper
Do you think I was happy or what? The pictures never do a fish justice and this guy was a solid 30 inches. M.E. convinced me to bring the poles in and turn up the rpm’s so that we could get to Colonial Beach before sunset.  Colonial Beach has a great anchorage in about 6 feet of water.  Totally protected from all sides and glassed over completely.  We look forward to spending a few days here before heading North to D.C.

Kokoi at anchor in Colonial Beach, Virginia

Fish Dinner

6 thoughts on “St. Mary’s, MD to Colonial Beach, VA

  1. Nice Striper matt looks yummy been pretty hot up here the last few days dinner last night was a couple of cold one not enough energy to even make a salad good thing Andy took us out to lunch for Pizza Hope to catch you in Sept


  2. Incredible. Real white flaky and light. Perfect with some lemon, thyme, and a little butter on top then thrown on the grill for 10. Just like fresh fish is supposed to taste like. Wait till you see this lure. Its a monster.


  3. We are playing with the idea of going up to NYC.. Depends on how long we are in DC and what we want to do in the Northern Chesapeake. Probably leave up here sometime in late Sept. I am thinking right now..


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