Colonial Beach, VA

The day started off hot. We knew we weren’t going to last long on the boat so we hopped in Lil’ Trout and headed to town to find some A/C. We parked the dinghy and who comes to say good morning to us but this little duckling. M.E. fell in love at first sight with the little guy and if it weren’t for his mom following close behind, he’d probably be on the boat right now with us.
Lil’ Trout with our new friends from the water.
We found the nearest coffee shop…wait let me rephrase that…the only coffee shop in town and walked through the doors. Ah! The sweet breeze of the A/C running on full blast. Got to work on the computer for a couple of hours before I started getting restless. I decided to stretch my legs and ended up walking 2 miles to  the General Dollar and back to get some of my favorite things: Cheerios, Chips Ahoy cookies and Arizona Green Tea. By the time I got back to the coffee shop, I was hungry. M.E. had set up camp at a table and wasn’t going to budge for a bite to eat, so I had to venture out on my own and forage for food. 
Coffee Shop Computer Work
Finding lunch was simple. When it’s 100 degrees outside, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it’s close. In this case, Denson’s Grocery, was just a few steps away and after seeing Rocky, the owner, make a burger on the grill yesterday, I was game to try it. Ordered the hand-pattied burger, talked with Rocky for a bit and then chowed down on hamburger deliciousness before heading back to the coffee shop to drag M.E. away from the lure of the A/C.
Denson’s Grocery Burger
I picked M.E. up and we headed back to the boat to drop off my General Dollar treasures. As we passed the library, out comes a lady carrying a walibi. So weird. I guess they had some kind of animal show for the kids. 
Walibi Sighting
After about 20 minutes on the boat with no breeze, we decided we needed another A/C fix. We headed to the library to cool off and hang out. No I didn’t Google “How to drink beer” this go around but I was close. We left the library right at closing time and headed to the beach to see what was going on there. Nobody was really there but a few swans. These things are actually really big. Like the size of a small dog big. Kind of strange since I always thought swans were the same size as ducks.
While there weren’t a lot of people on the beach today, word has it that on the weekends this is the place to be since it is the closest beach to D.C. In fact, this weekend, they are having a big professional jet-ski competition at the beach. 

We walked around town for a little longer before deciding to head back to the boat. We stopped in one last time at Denson’s Grocery, to thank Rocky for his hospitality and to pick up some crumbled feta, fresh spinach, peppercinis and sliced proscuitto to eat for snacks on the cruise up to D.C. We got back to the boat and finally got a breeze so that we could enjoy our evening in the cockpit.


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