First Sponsor: Spice and Tea Exchange of St. Augustine

We’re excited to announce our first sponsor, The Spice and Tea Exchange of St. Augustine! We’re constantly using spices for cooking on the boat and we can’t wait to share some of our recipes using spices from The St. Augustine Spice and Tea Exchange. I personally am thrilled about trying out the different blends of tea as well!

The Spice and Tea Exchange offers hundreds of spices including Black Truffle Sea Salt, Raspberry Sugar, a Tuscany Blend and a Butcher’s Rub. Spice and Tea also offers an abundance of teas from African Nector and Mystic Dragon to Mountain Jasmine and Berry Melange. They have everything that you need for stocking up your kitchen with seasoning necessities. Add some spice in your life and stop into the store in downtown St. Augustine and check out what they have to offer. While you’re there, meet the owners, Bob and Colleen. They are hilarious and wonderful people and it’s worth stopping into the shop just to meet them!

The Spice and Tea Exchange is located at 59 Hypolita Street in St. Augustine, Florida. Call them up at 904.826.3770 to find out about special cooking demonstrations they might be having. You can also find them on Facebook, the Spice and Tea Exchange website, or email them an order at Be looking for dishes that we are cooking up with the Spice and Tea Exchange spices in Kokoi’s galley! – M.E.

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