We’re In D.C.!

After my crazy middle of the night/early morning brainstorming came to an end, I decided it might be best to head back to the boat and see what M.E. was up to. She was already getting the boat ready to leave the anchorage. We pulled the anchor up and were off for another sail on the Potomac. The only problem was that it wasn’t much of a sail at all. With absolutely no breeze we spent most of the day motoring. On top of that we were fighting the tide for about 3 hours so that put us at about 3 knots on full throttle. Needless to say, we couldn’t beat the heat today.
Around lunchtime, M.E. pulled out all sorts of snacks. Homemade guacamole with chips, slices of proscuitto and peppercinis. I have to tell you, I ate one of these peppercinis last night not expecting much out of them but they really have a kick.
Spicy Peppercinis
The tide finally changed and when it did, we were averaging about 6.8 knots full throttle. We had been planning on stopping and anchoring out along the way but as we came up on our planned anchorage spot we  made the ultimate decision to keep going. So this was it. It was about 5 o’clock and we had another 30 miles to go. Putting us in at right about sunset on the anchorage if we were lucky (or if we didn’t run out of diesel). 
We passed Mount Vernon on our left and Fort Washington on our right. As we got closer to D.C., I started getting anxious and excited. It’s insane that we have been out a month and 15 days, done 822 miles and we’ve finally made it to D.C. It feels like such an accomplishment!

Fort Washington
We made it to the anchorage right after sunset. Had to set the anchor twice since the mud is soft here but we anchored just in time before a storm came up with 30 knot winds. We sat in the cockpit till about midnight making sure we weren’t dragging and then passed out when the storm let up. 
The anchorage right before the storm hit.
Calm After the Storm

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