Washington D.C.

Woke up to a cloudy day this morning but that didn’t keep the kids in sailing school from getting out and working on their tacking skills. We went in to the Capital Yacht Club and checked in to use their dinghy dock for the next couple of weeks. Everyone is so friendly and nice here that both M.E. and I were almost surprised by how genuinely happy they are to have us here. Took showers and got cleaned up then headed back to the boat for awhile to relax. I was still tired from the day before when I woke up at 3 a.m. so I needed another nap!
Sailing School D.C.
Cloudy Day on the Anchorage. 
We spent most of the day just lounging around, cleaning and reading the news online. I got bored and started checking the flight patterns in D.C. since the airport is near us and we literally hear an airplane take off every 2 minutes. This is when I discovered that the President’s helicopter flight pattern flies straight over our anchorage. After having previously read a news article that said he had a 1:30 press conference that he had to make, I realized that if we waited around outside, we just might see good ole Barrack. 
We waited in the cockpit to see if we could see the President. Whether you like the guy or not, it’s kind of cool to see someone so much involved in what happens to our country. As 1:30 approached, I got out of the cockpit and looked and listened for any signs of helicopters. Nothing. 1:30 came and went and we hadn’t seen a thing. M.E. got bored so she decided to feed our local neighborhood ducks, while I still checked the skies. It wasn’t long before we heard something! Nope, just a Coast Guard helicopter passing through. As I began to give up hope, we spotted Air Force One landing. It wasn’t but about 4 minutes after that sure enough, the President was passing straight over Kokoi and flying towards the White House! Sweet! I had hoped to snap a shot of the Prez as he flew by but the flew straight over us, all I got was the bottom of the helicopter. 
M.E. making new fans.
Can’t land on our deck Obama, sorry!
After our Presidential excitement for the day, I was ready to get off the boat and take a walk. The rain had slacked off, so we dinghied in to see what we could see. I wasn’t planning on going too far but M.E. had other plans. We ended up walking the entire mall, we walked to the White House, the Washington Monument, past the Capital and only after the sun had set and it started to rain did we start heading back to the marina. I told M.E. “Well, now that we’ve seen the entire D.C. area, I guess we can pull anchor and go somewhere else.”

Cool Houseboats at Gangplank Marina

Smithsonian Institute

We made it back to waterfront and stopped in at The Wharf before going to the boat. Fortunately for us, The Wharf aka the seafood market, is right next to the yacht club and we are within walking distance to steamed crabs, crabs balls, boiled shrimp and any other seafood that you can imagine. We picked up some crab balls and onion rings for a snack and headed to the yacht club for a beer. Hung out for a bit, ate our delicious appetizer, met some cool people, then headed back to the boat to get some rest for our busy day ahead.

Seafood at the Wharf

One thought on “Washington D.C.

  1. Hey Guys that is something We definately want to do some day! How much does the yacht club get for using their facilities? we really enjoy your blog
    Love CherYl and Dan


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