Washington D.C.

The day started off nice and easy. M.E. and I headed out for the museums to see what new and interesting things we could find. We started off at The Freer Art Museum. This museum is full of Asian art and as we walked around we entertained ourselves with the many faces that the statues were making.

The Freer Art Museum
We left The Freer and headed to the Natural History Museum. We checked out about 5 exhibitions before we started getting hungry. It was time to get something to eat!

Funny Faces from the Mammal Exhibit

A robot that went from the U.S. to Spain collecting data throughout the entire journey. 

A projection of worldwide earthquakes and tsunamis.

The Smithsonian Lab

Wooly Mammoth Fossil

The shuttle that brought the Chlean miners to freedom. 
On to Chinatown to eat some Chinese food for lunch. M.E. had looked up a place that some locals had recommended so we were excited to try it out. On our way, we ran into some kids handing out free samples of pretzels and hummus. Score! I love free stuff! We arrived at Full Kee and immediately ordered some appetizers. Crab rangoon, beef skewers and wonton soup for staters. Delicious! For the main course, roast duck with noodles and beef with rice and veggies. Such a good lunch and it’s always cool when the people eating there are Chinese too.  

Free pretzels and hummus? Sweet!

Lunch at Full Kee
Spent some time just walking around after lunch. We stopped in at the National Building Museum and went past the Newseum. Outside the Newseum, they have newspapers from every state in the U.S. On the cover of the Louisiana paper was M.E.’s family friend, Bonnie Kate, who survived the Colorado shooting. She was shot in the leg and went through surgery but is doing well and should make a full recovery.

National Building Museum

Bonnie Kate on the cover of the Louisiana newspaper at the Newseum.
We headed to the Air and Space Museum and spent a couple hours there before deciding to call it a day. Got to see alot but by the time we got back to the yacht club, we were tired!
Hatch from Apollo 11

 The Air and Space Museum

Heading Back to the Boat

2 thoughts on “Washington D.C.

  1. Its really tough. I can't begin to tell you how many miles I had to walk today. Then getting shacked by a fake wave in a museum made it worse. Put 10 food trucks that I have to eat from on top of that and I would say it is a tough life. That's just the start of it all too!


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