Washington D.C.

 Started the day off with a trip to the Hirshhorn Museum. The Hirshhorn has a lot of contemporary art and they had a special exhibit going where we got to be “apart” of the art. While I’m not much into the art scene, M.E. and I really had a lot of fun playing around in the museum. 

 Fun at the Hirshhorn

 M.E. and Andy Warhol

Chinese Men Statues Outside the Hirshhorn
After playing around in the Hirshhorn, we were hungry! Time to get some food. As we started walking, we couldn’t help but notice the line of food trucks that were now setting up camp along the side of the road. Perfect solution to our hunger needs but which truck to choose? There were about 10 food trucks all lined up beside each other and all of them were selling different things. We ended up trying the fried chicken place and got mac ‘n cheese for our side. It was decent but when you’re from the deep South, you have very high standards for Southern cooking. I would give this food truck about 2 out of 5 but I’m pretty determined to try all of them before we leave. We’ve got a lot of eating to do to meet this challenge!
 Taking a break and trying out some food truck specialties.

After our food truck trial, we headed to the American Indian Museum. This museum is weird. We had to go up three flights of stairs just to get to the museum part. The first floor was an amazing looking cafeteria that makes Indian-based cooking dishes from all different parts of the country. Second floor was the gift shop and the third floor had some stuff relating to the lives American Indians but all in all, I think they could have done a better job with this museum but we definitely want to check out the cafeteria at some point because we’ve heard that they have some of the best food in the city.

 Snowmobile at the American Indian Museum

We left the American Indian Museum and headed to the U.S. Botanical Garden. We walked around looking at all the plants and flower, which M.E. loved. The garden really reminded me a lot of Callaway Gardens in Georgia.

U.S. Botanical Garden
After the botanical gardens, we headed to the Capital. We were able to sign in for a free tour through the Capital (which is the only way you are allowed to go see the Capital) and got to learn new things while getting to see the inside simultaneously.
The Capital
Gone Global Conquers D.C.
Inside the Capital

We took the tunnel that connects The Capital to the Library of Congress and made our way through the library and looked at old maps and books. We stopped in to check out Thomas Jefferson’s library and even found an old map of St. Augustine. Pretty cool stuff. By the time we left the library, I was tired and so ready to head back to the yacht club to relax for a bit and drink a cold brew. It’s been a busy day and I have a feeling that tomorrow will be another busy one as well but I’d rather be doing this any day than working!

The Library of Congress

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