Washington D.C.

 Jimmy’s Best Steak and Cheese Sandwich

Memories from last night.  I was worn out after walking the town all day yesterday and after a few beers I wasn’t about to cook.  M.E. went down to Jimmy’s to get me a philly cheese steak, crab balls, onion rings and crab bisque.  Incredible food that put me into a mini food coma in the cockpit within minutes.  I love this place.
Today was a monument day. We saw it all including the WWII Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, Lincoln Memorial and the Washington Monument one more time.  M.E. had been dying to go see her boyfriend at the Academy of Science so we took a quick tour there as well.  There was some really interesting art and architecture in the building that we really both enjoyed.  It began to rain and we began to run in search of some food. 
It’s incredible that a city so large has such few good small hole in the wall places to eat.  Its all suit and tie sit downers here.  M.E. took control of the navigation and next thing we knew we were all the way across town almost up near Georgetown.  We must have been walking non stop for over an hour to make it that far.  Lunch was great at a little sandwich shop.  Its always a tough decision after eating a good meal whether we will walk or ride.  I am usually way too cheap to pay even a $1 each for a ride all the way across town but today I bit the bullet and bought us Metro tickets.  How pleasant it was though when we made it all the way back to the marina within a couple of minutes saving us about 5 miles of walking.  

 World War II Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial
Matt Learning A Few Things From This Guy

 M.E.’s New Boyfriend

This beaver reminded Matt of our friend Andy!
A picture for our #1 reader: Paul

 The National Academy of Science


The Metro

We got back to the yacht club and relaxed in the A/C for a bit before M.E.’s friend from high school, Sital, showed up to have dinner with us. Sital and her boyfriend, Kiger, ordered amazing pizzas for us from We The Pizza. Ahhh! Pizza and beers and fun friends to hang out with. It doesn’t get much better than this! 

 M.E. and Sital


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